June 28th Meeting

Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone had a nice weekend in the sunshine. I wanted to say a huge thank you on behalf of everyone in the club, to Philip and Orla for a wonderful BBQ last weekend. Fabulous food and great hospitality was followed by songs and lots of laughs around the fire.

Meeting on June 28th: Our Toastmaster for the evening was Sheila Moran, who took on the role for the first time and was very professional and well prepared for the evening. Shelia’s theme was ‘Summer Memories’.

Speech 1: Tim Leech did his first speech in Pathways (the speech that follows Icebreaker), ‘First things’ and he was evaluated by Adrian Jordan.  An interesting topic about how preparation is necessary for success.

Speech 2: Helen Larkin ‘What’s up Ted?’, CC#6, Evaluated by Paddy Lavelle. Helen’s speech was about how she found her beloved dog Ted- and how he found her. She told us about how important Ted is in her life using sweet sentiments and humour and was focusing on her vocal variety.

Speech 3: Eleanor O’Keefe, ‘Make a Difference’, evaluated by Jill McGrath. Eleanor gave her CC#10 speech, ‘Inspire your Audience’, on how important it is to learn the Heimlich maneuver after her daughter’s life was saved by a stranger who used this technique. Well done Eleanor on reaching this significant milestone in your Toastmasters journey.

Speech 4: Colin Byford ‘Another Round’, evaluated by Alan Murphy. Colin gave his first speech in the Pathways Program. He wisely knows his audience and gave an informative speech on the methods used to create various types of alcohol. We will look forward to his follow on speech and are hoping for some samples Colin.

Well done to all of the evaluators who made helpful observations and recommendations.

Mark Sheehan:Grammarian and the word of the day was ‘Whatchamacallit’

Sinead Mullholland: Poetmaster

Timer: Sarah Keegan

Topics Master: Ailbhe Moran. Ailbhe took on this role for the first time and chose very interesting topics based on current affairs.

Sarah Courtney: General Evaluator. Sarah took on this role for the first time and rose to the challenge. Well done Sarah.

Paddy Lavelle spoke for a few minutes in her role as immediate past Area Director. Paddy thanked everyone for their support and hard work over the year and praised the club for achieving the Presidents Distinguished Award.

Lastly, we wished Ailbhe a wonderful summer as she was getting married that following Saturday. Best wishes to her and Tom, we are looking forward to hearing all in September.

Wishing everyone a wonderful summer and I will see you all on September 13th,


Felicity Lynch-Byrne